ReadySetWork 2018 closed with Pitch Competition…as Team LASU won Global Challenge contest

For 13 weeks, ReadySetWork exposed participants to mind – reshaping trainings designed to make them stand out among other fresh graduates when they get into the world of work; either as an employee or entrepreneur.

Truly, It’s was a lot of hard work. Every week students were taught, coached and drilled by the best and largest Volunteer faculty in Nigeria to get them ready for the labour market. No doubt, it was  an amazing journey for everyone in the programme this year. The students, the faculty as well as the project and support teams have been impacted by the programme.

RSW to place 2,000 Graduates on Paid-Internship

The much anticipated RSW Internship Fair 2018 took place on Saturday 29, September 2018 at the Main auditorium of University of Lagos, Akoka. The turn out was huge with over 200 companies present to interview 5000 students from 8 Institution participating in ReadySetWork programme. It is indeed the biggest Internship Fair in Nigeria.

The students were smartly dresses in corporate wears to make good impression of themselves on representatives of organizations present to interview them.