23 start-ups contest in the RSW Business Pitch Competition Finale

It was the last day of ReadySetWork 2.0 and the atmosphere was so charged, students as well as the selfless RSW faculty were obviously excited to wrap up the 13 week cycle. No doubt it was a day of mixed feelings – the joy of ending the rigorous weekly routine mixed with the reality of missing new friendships made during the programme.  ReadySetWork 2.0 has not only been educative, it has also been a journey of self discovery for both students and facilitators as well. Many of the students say they have discovered skills and potentials they didn’t know they possessed.

However, the energy in the Main auditorium of Lagos State University, Ojo was not just the excitement of the end of RSW 2.0, it was the grand finale of the RSW Business Pitch Competition. 23 teams were fired up to pitch their business ideas to the panel of investors.

1000 RSW Interns to be taken by over 80 organizations

The Main auditorium of Lagos State University, (LASU) Ojo came alive with so much energy last Saturday September 30, 2017 as ReadySetWork 2.0 had its RSW Internship fair. It was the 12th week of the programme and about 2000 RSW students from the 6 participating institutions have all converged in LASU for one of the RSW capstone event already labeled the largest Internship fair in Nigeria.

The auditorium was filled to capacity by management staff of participating schools, the RSW faculty, representatives of corporate organizations and of course the RSW Students who were dressed up in smart suits and corporate wears obviously aware of the reality – That their chance to land an internship offer from RSW the organizations was completely in their hands.

Over 80 organizations including PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), SystemSpecs, Total, FCMB to mention just a few were present at the Fair to interview and select RSW interns.

Why all the 36 States should copy Lagos State ‘Ready Set Work’ Initiative

The first time I heard about the Lagos State Government ‘ReadySetWork’ initiative, I felt reluctant to go ahead with the application because of the negative mentality that is attached to all government related programs, slow, ineffective and most times a complete waste of time. How wrong I was! The RSW initiative has proven my initial…

RSW Alumni Inspire students in all Training centres

ReadySetWork 2.0 is gradually gliding into its final weeks and training sessions have been even more practical and intensive. We are getting to the climax of the 13-week programme. While students partake in the mock interviews and feedback sessions in preparation for the upcoming RSW Job fair – where HR personnel of corporate organizations will interview RSW participants on campus – some others are preparing to pitch their business ideas to prospective investors in the RSW Business Pitch Competition Grand finale later in the programme. Yes week 10 of RSW 2017 was very intensive across all the centres and the reality of the world of work is dawning on the students more than ever before.

RSW Resumes after the Sallah break

After one week off training due to the Eid el Kabir celebration, students were excited to resume classes for the 9th week of the ongoing ReadySetWork 2.0. Students in their hundreds as well as the facilitators arrived the training centres ready for the day’s activities.

As usual the day kicked off with the dose of inspiration in the Meet-A-Mentor sessions.

Mr. Akinyemi Ashade, Honourable Commissioner for Finance, Lagos State was at Lagos State University (LASU) and spoke to the students on the topic “SEE CHANGE AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE”.

RSW WeeK 8: Mock Interviews

Interviewing – whether for a new job or a different position with your current employer – can be a nerve-racking experience. You hope that your qualifications speak for themselves, but they may not be enough to make you stand out from a pool of equally talented applicants. Getting called for an interview is an achievement in itself, since only a small proportion –about 10% of applicants are selected. However, acing the interview is the ultimate goal.

In ReadySetWork, we do not only give students the knowledge needed to excel in the world of work, we also give them the experience. So last Saturday – 26th August 2017 – being the 8th Week of ReadySetWork 2017, Student had opportunity to experience firsthand a job interview session. Across the three campuses, students dressed appropriately for job interviews took turns to present themselves before the panels with their CVs and cover letters at the RSW Mock Interviews.

The Art of Business Pitching

Coming up with good ideas is hard enough, but having the skills to convince others is critical. All too often, entrepreneurs, sales executives, and marketing managers go to great lengths to show how their new business plans or creative concepts are practical and high margin—only to be rejected by corporate decision makers who don’t seem to understand the real value of the ideas.

RSW Week 6: Job Search Skills

Landing a dream job after graduation is the wish of many fresh graduates. However, the process of getting it leaves these youngsters so much to desire.

 This issue is one that has continued to dominate conversations in the job market. There are majorly two divergent schools of thought; one majorly centres around the narrative that the challenge with the job market is simply that there aren’t enough jobs while the other group posits that there is a large number of unemployable job-seekers.

RSW Week 5 Commences Teacher Training Track

The crucial role teachers play in shaping not only the educational system, but the society as a whole cannot be over emphasized. That is the rationale behind the inclusion of a Teacher training component in the ReadySetWork 2017 programme.

Last Saturday, which was the 5th week of the entrepreneurship and employability training programme marked the commencement of ReadyTeacher, which is the teacher training track of the programme.