What are the expected outcomes of the programme?

  • A significant paradigm shift in the mind-set of participants that urges them to take advantage of available opportunities to succeed in the world of work.
  • A decline in the time between graduation and gaining employment.
  • An improvement in the employability competencies of participants.
  • A growth in the number of participants interested and inclined to competently take on entrepreneurial endeavours.

How does this programme fit into existing teaching and training?

It complements the current teaching and training by exposing participants to competencies that will enable them be employable and/or generate employment for themselves and others. .

What is the cost of the programme to participating students?

The programme comes absolutely free! It is funded by the State Government and Private sector partners.

How do you apply?

  • You are required to complete the RSW Online Academy courses to be eligible for application.
  • After the screening process, successful candidates will be contacted via email and SMS.

What is the uniqueness of the programme curriculum?

The curriculum and content is developed by a team of Private Sector experts, who are fully cognizant of the current dictates of the Nigerian labour market.

Who are the programme facilitators?

The entire programme will be facilitated by Industry professionals armed with best practices.

Who is providing the internship and mentorship opportunities?

Internship and mentorship opportunities will be provided by Private Sector Partner organizations.

How is this programme different from the usual Skill Acquisition programme?

Most Skill Acquisition Programmes are tailored to the development of specific skills. However, RSW focuses not only on the development of the employability competencies of participants, but also on how one can turn their ideas into a business endeavour that can provide employment for self and/or other persons.

How can one be sure that this programme will be sustained?

There has been a significant buy-in from our Private Sector Partners which has and will keep impacting the effectiveness and sustainability of the program. This is in addition to the fact that we are developing the capacity of each participating institution to be able to run this program on their own, in the long run.

Whatever is free is usually not valued, how will the programme address this mindset?

There are strict attendance and participation requirements that must be met for a participant of the programme to be eligible for graduation and/or an internship placement with one of our partner organizations.  

In which centers will the programme hold this year (2018)?

RSW will take place simultaneously at:

  • Lagos State University, (LASU), Ojo
  • University of Lagos, (UNILAG), Akoka
  • Lagos State Polytechnic, (LASPOTECH), Ikorodu

These 3 centers will serve as training hubs for students from the 9 targeted tertiary institutions in Lagos State.

What exactly is the plan for students in their penultimate years?

Student in their penultimate years (i.e. 300L for a 4-year course or 2nd Year in a 3-Year Course or 400L in a 5-Year course etc) will be able to take part in RSW through our “Online Academy.” It is designed to prepare and pre-qualify them for the programme in their final year. The RSW Online Academy will be open between March and May, 2018.

Does the programme cater for students in the teaching profession as well?

Yes, we have an aspect of the programme called ReadyTeachers. RSW has introduced the teachers’ track for final year students at Lagos State Colleges of Education. ReadyTeachers will prepare students for the 21st century and borderless classroom by equipping them with global-standard teaching techniques and skills.