LSETF:Lagos state employment trust fund 2021 How To APPLY & Eligibility

You might have thought about a business plan which you feel might work out if proper procedures are followed. Unfortunately, the financial means and skills to execute such plans might not be available.

Many dreams are being killed by such circumstances as many employees wish to set up their various business organizations.

There is nothing soo disappointing as having a business plan which you feel might work out but such plans can’t be executed due to financial constraints.

Yes, several organizations are giving out loans and claiming to train people in different fields they wish but all these comes with a price.

Some loans actually come with a high interest rate which might not be suitable for the individual after considering the expenses involved in running a business.

The Lagos state trust fund system is an organization that handles such issues; if you are seeking financial assistance for your business or seeking to acquire more skills, the Lagos state employment trust fund might be an option for you.

The Lagos state employment trust fund :A Brief discussion

The Lagos state employment trust fund is an organization set up by the Lagos government to assist prospective and business holders financially and educationally.

They aim at providing employment by assisting upcoming entrepreneurs with loans and training in order to grow their various businesses.

The Lagos state employment trust fund (LSETF) was founded in 2016 by the state trust fund law to maximize creation of jobs, wealth and tackle unemployment among Nigerian youths.

LSETF runs by the Lagos state government but they are equally open to funding by donors, corporations and individuals. They can be reached through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Lagos state employment trust fund :Eligibility

Following their willingness to assist business men /women alongside entrepreneurs, the initiative has set several requirements for candidates to meet in order to be considered eligible.

Candidates are expected to meet these requirements to be eligible for the loan and training scheme. Below are the requirements:.

  • Applicants are required to provide their tax ID
  • Applicants are required to provide a valid government issued identify card.
  • Applicants are expected to provide their bank verification number.
  • Interested applicants should prepare at least, 2 passport photographs..
  • Applicants should provide their 6 months bank statement.
  • The business in question must be in existence for at least, 1 year.

These are the requirements needed from applicants, seeking assistance from LSETF..

The LSETF Learning Center

The Lagos state employment trust fund has launched a center where Interested individuals and businesses owners with the approved age bracket can visit to learn various skills including business education.

Their topics ranges from business education on starting a new business, managing your business and getting government contracts.

They are partnered with coursera to provide a fully sponsored online learning program. Candidates can get access to over 3,500 free courses.

How to apply for Lagos state employment trust fund

Since the Lagos state employment trust fund is now open to all eligible applicants, they can now apply through the organization official website.

For individuals interested in the guidelines for applying, below are the guidelines pointed out for candidates applying :

  • Visit the official website via
  • Download the application form via Https:/
  • After filling the application form, proceed to submission at the LSETF office located at Synergy building, Oregon – Ikeja, Lagos.


If you are seeking to get a loan or acquire business skills, the LSETF would be a perfect organization to handle such issues as they are run with the aim of providing such services to interested individuals. Follow the guidelines in the article to avoid mistakes.

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