Nigerian police recruitment 2021/2022

Are you interested in joining the Nigerian police force? Do you wish to serve your country as a police officer? Do you dream of being among the personnels of the Nigerian police force?

Those dreams and thoughts could actually come to pass if the right steps are taken. Some individuals has always dreamt of being in the police force right from the scratch due to certain experience.

These experiences might be as a form of the crime rate around them, abuse or mis-use of power. Since the Nigerian police force is open to all applicants, this might be an opportunity to actualize your dreams as a police officer.

Moreover, considering the requirements before applying won’t be a bad idea as there are requirements and procedures that need to be considered.

This article covers them all. Sit back and educate yourself as you peruse through the article..

Nigerian Police Requirements :Candidate Eligibility Requirements.

Following the sales of application forms, the Nigerian police academy has equally released their requirements, considering the fact that such institution needs students who follow proper guidelines.

  • Any candidate who seeks admission into the police academy must be a Nigerian and must have attained the age of 18 or below 22.
  • Candidates must have a height of not less that 1.67 meters (five feet 6 inches) if male, and 1.62 meters (5 feet 4 inches) if female.
  • All candidates must be free from any physical deformity or mental disability. Male candidates must have an expanded chest size of not less that 86cm.
  • Candidates must have obtained a minimum of 6 credits at senior secondary school certification examination at not more than 2 sittings.
  • Candidates must also obtain satisfactory scores in both the written examination and the interview and must pass physical and psychological test of fitness.
  • SSCE statement of results or certificates taken before 2016 will not be accepted.

Why you should work with the police .

Ignoring the usual cliché of the police always being hostile towards the civilians, there are several reasons why you should actually work with or for the police.

Most undercover vices such as drug trafficking, kidnapping, cyber-fraud and other vices has been exposed due to the effectiveness of the police in the neighborhood.

  1. The recent increase in cyber-fraud can be tackled if individuals or the police look into them without hesitation.
  2. The Country deserves a good image and you can be part of those building up the image by tackling crime as a police force.
  3. Working with the police might be your own way of contributing to the community by helping in taking down crime rate in the community.

Basically, there are countless reasons why you should work as a police or with a police, including saving of lives, maintenance of orders and protection of properties.

How to prepare for police screening exercise.

After applying for the police recruitment, the screening exercise should be the next, you are not expected to sit back and fold your arms.

You are expected to prepare in order to pass the screening exercise. Below are tips you should consider when preparing.

  • Purchasing and using the police past questions is a great way to start preparing for the screening exercise as many questions are actually repeated.
  • You are expected to go with a pair of white canvas shoe and 2 pairs of white socks, face mask, toiletries and scratch cards.
  • You should dress decently to the screening venue as such factors are being considered.
  • You are expected to be at the screening venue before the examination commences. So in cases of arriving late due to other duties, you should avoid that.


The article should educate you on everything you need to know about the Nigerian police screening. Endeavor to read the article frequently and follow the guidelines pointed out.

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